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Diploma Support is the online centre and organisation for assisting students undertake study by distance or on campus. Dipoloma Support aims to offer general and specific course support to all educational facilities in Australia.

With our head office in Victoria we aim to nurture students through their studies via a mix of up-do-date technology and old fashioned advice Australia-wide. With a team of over 40 admin staff, we are ready to help RTO’s, Universities and other Educational providers with an outsourced student support service option at a competitive price. Used by over 38 educational facilities already, we are experiencing phenomenal growth as the efficient and effective support programs we have in place fill a void in the marketplace.

Enquire about our services by visiting the contact page for your relevant contact in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Online Study Trends: Australia

Online study is on the rise, as technology advancement has improved the interaction and accessibility of learning for all ages. Student demand is one of the many contributing factors. Students are seeking opportunities for flexibility, scheduled learning times and cost efficiency. On line Courseware can be easily accessed with a wide range of options. Students can control their study time, so that length of time may be either broken up , extended or undertaken  when convenient.

Learning Management System Technology

On line communication can be easier as instructors may be more approachable, without having to wait around for office hrs which may not be convenient to either party. Text book expenses are decreased as information is often provided through the School’s library or from E text books.  Money and time can also be saved in traveling to and from educational faculties.

A sample of our clients

Wyn  is a highly successful registered training organisation offering technology to assist in supporting students in obtaining their goals.  As Wyn is a registered Training organisation, students can be reassured standards of training using online technology are met and comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The AQF is the National Policy for regulated qualifications in Australian Education and training. The AQF was first introduced in 1995 to support the National system of qualifications in Australia including higher education, vocational education and training, as well as schools. AQF is managed by Australian Government of Education in consultation with the Dept. of Industry, states and territories. Expert bodies are consulted as required, to advise and monitor any AQF policies that may arise.

Technology for online training courses requires a reputable learning management system. A learning management system (LMS) is a software application important for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e learning courses or training programs.”

Colleges, training departments utilise LMS to deliver online training, automate record keeping, employee registration, planning, competency based learning and management.

LMS functionality includes as course content delivery, student Registration and administration, training event management, resource management, and virtual organisations, training record management, reporting, and individual development plan.

Wyn  in striving to produce an excellent level of online education for it’s students, uses the Aduro Learning management system. Aduro  e learning  has been named the best new on line management  system 2013/2014 and is easily accessible on mobile devices .

Aduro LMS  is easily set up and administrators can add people directly to a course or students can browse for information on courses of interest. Wyn’s online courses, using Aduro’s LMS technology shows students the visibility of all their enrolled courses, dates due for assignments and any general notifications thus improving organization.

This cutting edge learning management system allows students to learn in a groups  setting with forums  and communicate by messaging between administrators or other students at the relevant time.